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Altman & Martin is a Boston-area law firm that specializes in all aspects of patents and trademarks. The firm was founded in 1959 as Morse & Altman with the goal of aiding individuals and small companies in the acquisition, protection, licensing, and enforcement of their intellectual property, both domestically and internationally. As a boutique firm, patents and trademarks is all we do.

Consequently, we have attained a level of proficiency that allows us to provide high-quality, cost-effective intellectual property legal services. And as a firm that concentrates on individuals and small businesses, we understand their unique needs and concerns and know how to address them. Contact us today for a free consultation – call, chat, or submit a message.

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Patent Law

A patent is a form of protection that grants an exclusive right for an invention that is new, useful and non-obvious.

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Intellectual Property

For many businesses, protecting patents and trademarks is a critical priority that is directly tied to its success.  Don’t you need your prized asset protected?

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Trademark Law

A trademark is a symbol, like a word, phrase, design, logo, or sound, that distinguishes the source of a product or service of one party from those of others.

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