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International Patent Options

Obtaining a patent in the United States will only protect your invention within U.S. borders. If you are interested in patent protection in other countries, you will need to file separate patent applications in those countries where you wish protection. At the Boston law offices of Altman & Martin, we help New England individuals and businesses protect themselves around the world with international patent protection.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

There is no such thing as an international patent. Every country has its own patents, and so in order to obtain patent protection abroad, you will have to file multiple patent applications. Some groups of countries, such as many in Europe, have banded together to unify the application process, but once the patent has been approved, you will have to pay a fee to each country before it will recognize your patent as valid. There are similar groups in Africa and countries of the former Soviet Union.

International Patent Options

If you are interested in obtaining international patents, you have two options. We can take a close look at your invention and long-term goals, and help you determine which choice is right for you. Your first option is to file a patent application in the country or regional group in which you are interested.
The second option is to file a Patent Cooperation Treaty, or PCT, application with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

You will still have to file with each individual country or regional group later, but filing the PCT application allows you to delay filing individual patent applications by up to thirty months.
In order to file a national patent application in a given country, you need to use a patent agent in that country. With over fourteen years of experience as an intellectual property lawyer, I have relationships with patent law firms around the world.

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