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Criteria for Getting a Patent

It is not enough just to have an invention to get a patent; rather, your invention must be useful, belong to you, and be novel and nonobvious. What’s more, your invention or discovery must be described in detail and, in most cases, need to include drawings and diagrams upon application for a patent.

The Components of a Patent Application

It is important that you understand all components of an electrical patent application. If your patent application is not written properly and completely, it is likely that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will deny you a patent.

There are four main components of a patent application:

  • Specification – a narrative that describes the invention in detail, complete with a title of the invention, a summary of the invention, and a background of the invention
  • Drawings – detailed drawings showing how the various components of the invention fit together and operate
  • Claim – the legal language that describes the boundaries of the invention covered by the patent
  • Abstract – a brief summary of what the invention is

Within each component listed above, there are a number of specific criteria that must be satisfied.

Applying for a patent can be an incredibly time consuming process, and will cost thousands of dollars in Patent Office and attorneys’ fees. Because of the high stakes associated with getting a patent, it is in your best interest to seek legal help when applying for a U.S. patent.

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