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Patent & Trademark Licensing

Patent & Trademark Licensing

Not everyone who owns a patent or trademark wants to use it. Whether you are interested in using someone else’s patent or you want to license the rights to a patent or trademark you own, an experienced intellectual property attorney can help you find a solution. At the Boston law offices of Altman & Martin, we handle patent and trademark licensing for a wide range of New England businesses.

Using Your Intellectual Property

If you have production means but not the intellectual property rights, or you have the intellectual property rights but no means of production, we can help you negotiate the proper licenses. Handling intellectual property law in New England for fifty years, our firm represents parties interested in patent and trademark licensing.

If you have obtained a patent, but you are not interested in making a product, you may want to find a way to license it. By finding the right producer and developing the right contract, you can receive a regular stream of income by licensing the rights to a manufacturer for royalties.

For example, if you make hats and you have a trademark on a profitable design, you may want to make a t-shirt with your trademark as well. However, you may not have the means to make t-shirts. By licensing the trademark to someone who can, you can receive a percentage of income from the profit they make by using your registered trademark.

Licensing is a great way to increase the profitability of an existing patent or trademark. From our offices in downtown Boston, we can help you come up with a plan for your business. Our office is open during normal business hours, and we offer evening and weekend appointments as well. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.
Patent & Trademark Litigation

Whether a third party has infringed upon the intellectual property rights of your client or your client is being sued for patent or trademark infringement, you will want to understand the complexities of the case before you begin intellectual property or trademark litigation. We act as plaintiff and defense co-counsel for clients involved in trademark and patent litigation.

When a firm or regular client comes to our firm regarding a trademark or patent lawsuit, we will do all the substantive intellectual property research for the case. While we do not handle the litigation aspects, we provide the litigating attorneys with the information they need to successfully handle patent and trademark litigation.

Patent & Trademark Clients

Dedicated to helping our current intellectual property clients, we can put you in contact with a law firm that handles litigation work, while we take care of all the specifics regarding intellectual property law. If you already have regular litigation counsel, we will work with your current counsel to help you build the best possible case.

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Located two blocks from the Park Street and Government Center T stations in downtown Boston, we work with businesses and serve as counsel to firms throughout New England in matters of intellectual property litigation. Our office is open during normal business hours, and we offer evening and weekend appointments as well. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.